Yacon Syrup Direct Review

I stopped eating out, as I was not getting any results even after trying so many exercises and diets for weight loss. For a week, I only had fruits and veggies, (I thought this time I would make it) but at the end of the week, I looked pale and could not stand properly. The pounds I lost came back when I resumed eating other stuffs. This was disheartening. I went to my doctor and he said I need something to kickstart my metabolism and suggested me Yacon Syrup Direct. I have used this for two months and got amazing results. Read on…

All About The Supplement!

This not only helps lose weight but also promotes digestion and regulates blood sugar levels. The supplement has successfully wrapped the Yacon’s health benefits in a tiny pill. So enjoy looking sexier, leaner and healthier.

Yacon Syrup Direct Ingredients

This supplement is an extract of the vegetable ‘Yacon’ that is a root found in the areas of South America.

How Does Yacon Syrup Direct Work?

Yacon is a tuber vegetable that is very well known for being high in fiber and low in calorie content because of high level of inuin in it. Inuin helps in digestion and increases beneficial bacteria in the intestines. There is fructooligosaccharides (FOS) in Yacon extract that effectively boosts weight loss and removes fat from problematic areas like thighs, butt and waist. 

The Advantages!

  • Natural weight loss solution that burns inches from the waist
  • Antioxidants helps in overall wellness and health
  • All natural ingredients and contains no artificial ingredient
  • Presence of inuin boosts metabolism and betters digestion
  • Decreases bad cholesterol
  • Gives better health and immunity
  • Regulates appetite
  • Helps in weight loss without extra diet or exercise

Why Should You Buy this?

  • 100% Pure Yacon Syrup extract used
  • 50% FOS
  • Made in GNP certified lab
  • Easy to use
  • No side effects

Pack Details!

It is natural weight loss dietary supplement and one bottle consists of 60 capsules.


Recommended dose is of 1000 mg that is double the dose of many extracts.

Media Buzz!

Leading health experts and nutritionists have said that this supplement helps in quick weight loss and gives better metabolism and digestion.

Side Effects?

As it is all natural and GNP approved, it is fully safe to use and carries no side effects.

Where To Buy?

You need to log onto official website of Yacon Syrup Direct and can order your trial pack there. Act now, as there is limited supply available.